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Existing School in Kiti Village Uganda

Existing School

School Building Project

Kiti village in the Wakiso district of Uganda is an area of poverty, the majority of the local people scratch a living from the soil and many families live on less than £1 per day.


One of the real areas of need in Kiti is that of education, in rural areas of Uganda most schools are privately run fee paying schools and many families cannot afford to pay the fees. Consequently a large proportion of the children do not receive even a basic education and of those who start many drop out for lack of funds. The day schools in Kiti are in very poor condition with very few amenities and there is no education offered beyond primary stage. You can help build a school in Africa to change this.

The New School

In order to bring change to this situation we are building a 12 classroom School of ‘excellence’ which will enable pupils to begin at Primary 1 and progress through to the end of their education. The school is envisaged to not only meet the educational needs of the children but also to run literacy classes, I.T. training and practical skills workshops for all ages outside of school hours.  


It will provide employment for local people both during the construction stage and also when operational. 

The school building commenced on 10th July 2019 and you can track progress in the timeline below.

You can help build a school in Africa in several ways. Donation options are below including buy a brick, sponsor a child and name a classroom.

rear view school architect design
front view school architect design

School Building Progress


Help build a school in Africa

Fundraising Goal:
Total so far:
Bricks and Mortar

Buy a Brick

Each brick you buy will donate £1 towards our school building project. Every donation no matter how small helps build a school in Africa for poor children.


Buy a School Book

Your donation will initially go towards the school building. Once completed it will help provide the funds for the high quality school materials to kick start a child's education.


Buy a Desk

Your donation will initially go towards our school building project. Once completed it will provide high quality school equipment for the children.


Sponsor a Child

Our Child Sponsorship project funds a child's education with an existing school, Superior Academy School in Kiti Village. A £15 donation monthly provides school tuition, books, a meal and uniform.

Empty Classroom

Name a Classroom

The school will have 12 high quality classrooms enabling children to progress from Primary 1 to the end of their education. You can name a classroom by donating £5,000. The perfect option for corporate donations.

You can also donate:

Spread the word

This bold vision needs bold action. We are looking to partner with businesses who share a passion for educating desperate children in Uganda. Who believe that through education the poorest children in the world can get a more positive future for themselves and generations to come. Help build a school in africa today!

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